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I just watched some old NEWS videos on HEY x3. HILARIOUS!

A small funny thing happened today:

So... today I was suppose to go out shopping, but postponed it instead. Me, sis and mum decided to eat at Secret Recipe at JJ for lunch today since it was so hazy.

Speaking of hazy... this was what the outside looked liked today in the morning:

And later in the afternoon:

All the haze gone! The sky is so clear I cannot believe my eyes. @_@ See the Twin Towers and KL Tower! In the morning they totally did not exist at all! Lol.

Anyway... back to the main topic. Went went to Secret Recipe right? So we sat down and ordered our food. Mmmmm yummeh.

I ordered Tom Yum spaghetti, sis ordered pan-fried dory and mum ordered Grilled Chicken in Mushroom Sauce. Mmmmmm yummeh.
We also got a free serving of fried tapioca chips!

So me and sis went to MPH to browse around, its a meal time habit because waiting for meals to come are boring. Yeah.

Then I got a call from mum

"Hello, Yan ah? Did you bring your purse?"

"Har? Nope... why ah? But I got bring RM5 to buy McD ice cream later"

"Oh... No ah, it's just that... I... didn't bring my wallet"

"WHATTTTTT?! You wait ar, I ask whether sis got bring her wallet or not"


"Hello mii ar? She didn't bring also!"


We came out of MPH and of course, ask mum what to do next?

"What else to do? I have to go back home to take my wallet... I thought I got put it in my bag but it seems like I didn't..."


So I gave mum my RM5 to pay for the parking, and she drove home while me and sis wait at Secret Recipe. Food came, and we ate of course... waiting for mum to come back.

I think it took her about 30 minutes (or more! I didn't time..) to go home and come back. -__-

Of course, her food got cold, and we asked the staff to help reheat the food.

We do have a back up plan... if mum doesn't come back... WE WASH THE PLATES. D=
Isn't that what we always joke about?

"Eh I didn't bring money leh... How how?

"HOW?? You wash the plates lah! Bye bye" *giggles*

... I can't believed it actually happened to me. HA HA HA

If plan A fails... Plan B? We make a run for it. =)

Picture of HAZEL da Corgi puppy~

Sorry a lil blur. She's too active to sit still. D=

1 more week of holidays! HELP!

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