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Hello there.

I'm finally migrating to blogspot.
Just got kind of bored with using LJ. I suck with LJ cuts most of the time and they seem to hate me too. Sigh. But I'll still be around for the communities, just not updating here often anymore

and I can finally link my friends! Most of which prefer blogspot.

So... drop me a message in the chatbox and link me and I'll link you. =)


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Busy busy

Very busy studying for exams, yet I wanna update. So to accomodate both wishes, I shall update in point form. =D

- Hostel lifts (all 3!) spoilt on Sunday. Lazy to climb up 11 floors. Going back tonight as they fixed 1 lift this afternoon.

- Too many birthdays this month. HAPPY BIRTHDAY OCTOBER BABIESSSSSS

- Kuroshitsuji Chapter 38 SHHHHIIIIII---- Such a cliffhanger Yana! T.T

- Exam schedule
   30 Oct - Treasury
   4 Nov - Islamic Banking
   6 Nov - Accounting Issues
   13 Nov - IFM
    ..... GRADUATION!!!

- Speaking of graduation, Little Hippy's recital on the 3rd Nov... exam on the 4th? So what?! (Eeeeps!) I'm going anyway! Practice harderrrrrr woiiii

- Sis's house growing into a mini petting zoo. Me likey

- CF booth registered!

- and LOL thestar.com.my/news/story.asp YET AGAIN. I swear no international artistes would wanna stage thier concert here in the future. Congrats people. I'm looking at the slim chance of NEWS ever having a concert here. I can still hope for GReeeeN though right? =3

- Anime I would be watching this season after sampling a few episodes
  Kimi ni Todoke (<3 Feels like Honey and Clover yet more light hearted)
  Sacred Blacksmith (RPG-ish feeling to it, might stop watching it like I did to Valkyria Chronicles at episode 24 (WHAT? with 2 episodes left??) if it gets draggy... OH I CAN stop watching things right before they end at the most exciting part. =P)
  Letter Bee (I like the bluey feel of the anime. Plot sounds interesting)
  Nyan Koi (Cats and harem? I'll prob stop watching once the harem gets overboard. Me no likey harem)
  Darker than Black 2 (Since I watched 1, so why not?)
  Kobato (CLAMP and sweet)
  I have no idea how I'm going to keep up with so many, but I can after my exams. XD

- Finally watching Liar Game and now watching a new drama My Girl. I love J-dramas! Otomen and Meitantei no Okite subs are really slow but I can wait! Fans of J-Drama might notice that there are 2 Matsuda Shota dramas there *coughcough*

Enough point forms for today. ALOT I know...


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...but I'll take what I can get.

So our prom already ended, assignments gone, one more to hand up next Tuesday and the final exam approaches in a month's time.
Time REALLY flies. It's already October.

And this Saturday, it's once again the Mooncake Festival! I posted about this last year I think.
Last year it fell on September 14th *clicky click!*

Every year, corporates will battle each other with their own brand of Mooncake. And we consumers enjoy the other end where we get to eat their delicious mooncakes!

Collapse )

Pictures! I'm so glad I can post them. I found out why I couldn't post up pictures for a long time.


... wait for it...


Yep... because of that. That's why it was taking ages to upload pics here. So from now on, I'll try to take pictures in lower resolution when I remember. Lol.

How does one complete one's assignment while watching
Ratatouille on Disney Channel and surfing the internet at the same time?

... and uploading one's journal. Sigh.


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On Sunday, authorities have identified the body discovered at Arafune mountain as that of missing Crayon Shin-chan manga creator Yoshito Usui through dental records and other means.

The body was discovered 120 meters below the mountain's Tomoiwa cliff and reported at about 10:25 a.m. on Saturday by a male climber. Usui's backpack, camera, and other items had fallen about 50 meters away. Inside Usui's backpack was his mobile phone, wallet, and clothes. A police helicopter from Gunma Prefecture airlifted the body on Sunday afternoon. Police from the nearby town of Shimonita concluded that the 51-year-old creator died from collapsed lungs and other injuries sustained across his entire body sometime in the afternoon of September 11.

According to Usui's family, Usui had said that he was "going hiking for a day in Gunma Prefecture," as he often did, on the morning of September 11. His mobile phone was last detected in the vicinity of Karuizawa, a town about 100 kilometers (about 60 miles) northwest of his Kasukabe home, on Monday. Karuizawa is located in the mountainous eastern part of Nagano Prefecture, near the border of the equally mountainous Gunma Prefecture.

In particular, Usui was said to have expressed his intent to climb the Arafune mountain, which towers 1,422 meters (4,665 feet) high at the border between Nagano and Gunma Prefectures. According to Gunma Prefecture's police, there are no guardrails near the top of Tomoiwa cliff, but the established climber's trail is too far from the cliffside for someone to fall. Authorities had been searching this area since his wife reported his disappearance on September 12, after he did not return the night before.

The editorial staff at Futabasha's Manga Town magazine has stated on Sunday night that the "future publication [of Crayon Shin-chan] is to be determined." Futabasha said it was "going through great shock, now that the worst outcome has come to past. There are no words to express the anguish of the surviving family, but we just pray for his happiness in the next world."

Source: http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2009-09-20/body-identified-as-crayon-shin-chan-yoshito-usui

 RIP Yoshito Usui. I really enjoyed your manga. It brings back memories.

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You know when it sucks to be a girl?

Once a freaking month.

Hurts like nobody's business. I was practically sofa-ridden when I was shopping in MV today. Felt bad for mum because we had to cut our trip short as my stomach hurts like having your uterus pulled out. 

Will be EXTREMELY (to the extreme extreme) busy until Sept 26, which is my Sem break. One week of heaven. Time to go out! Wait for me tantan n lingling. =D

I'm considering to start some serious blogging, but that can only happen after I graduate. Hostel sucks. Might start to utilize my blogspot account which I had before LJ but never really start to use it because LJ is my only connection to NEWS. D=

Manage 2 blogs hurrah.

Did some rearrangement to my room since my sis moved out. Got myself a new shelf for my growing manga collection.

I was planning to upload some picture but I can't seem to do it nowadays. Blame my connection? Blame LJ? Or blame by file size? Sigh.

Till my Sem break! Toodles~
Yamapi and Shiba


Hey journal. Missed ya! <3

Reporting from uni's library.

I know, I know, I've abandoned you for sooooooooooooooo long. Wedding post died-ed. Even my own birthday post died-ed. It feels so boring waiting for the pictures to upload themselves using the fantastic connection speed.

Anyway, thanks to everyone who wished me for my birthday!!
I would like to declare my 20th birthday as one of the birthdays where I received alot of presents. My definition of 'alot' is not really many, but I didn't receive anything for the past few years. So I feel so loved this year.

Love everyone! *loves*

Everyone around me seems to be experiencing Japanese fever. Yes, the fever is really deadly. Those infected HAVE to eat Japanese food at least once a week. Seriously infected peeps would have to indulge themselves in Japanese cuisine. And the only known cure for them is Japanese buffet.

I've been going to fancy-smansy-pansy Japanese restaurants (means not Sushi King, Sakae or anything else with conveyer belts) every week. Dad's birthday at Jogoya, Kai Ma won a mini lottery so we ate at Kansai in PJ, and this Friday my friends are planning to eat at Tenji (not sure about the spelling).


Feel the imaginary drool dripping from my mouth right now. Mmmmmmm.

Been sewing at least 1 plush a week. Hoping to keep the momentum but I'll be killed my assignments this month. Look out for my name. D= *touch wood*

Oh and... chinese 14th July today? Please beware of any late night outings tonight.

Anyone wanna take me to the ball?  
Yamapi and Shiba


The wedding is over with in a blink of an eye. *blink blink*

Had fun of course, pics up soon. By SOON I think you will know when. ;)

- some LOL emcee moments
- drunk people count : 4 (those that I saw lah...)
- high people count : ALOT

And therefore, I will elaborate more when possible.

Now's not a good time, because I'm in the Uni computer lab. D=

Internet sucks at condo still.

2 H1N1 cases in Monash!! Now we have to screen our temperatures every time we enter the Uni. Sigh.

I want to go out to somewhere other than Pyramid!! T.T

Till I'm back home, toodles~
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No no, the journal's not dead yet. Just that life's pretty static for now so...

Anyway hostel life!
My roommate is a pretty nice girl, she's really talkative so its fun. =D
Von on the other hand... had pretty bad luck and got a roommate that she pretty much complaints about every day lol. She's one of those that sleeps really early (about 10pm - 11pm) and Von's the type that sleeps about 2am. You see the problem there? And she hardly talks and ignores her most of the time.

I swear, if Von and my roommate ARE roommates, they can talk all night. LOL.

And I have pretty nice housemates too. I went out for dinner with one of them and my roommate, with Von tagging along on Tuesday. We had Senjyu Sushi. I spent alot but it's a satisfying meal. Yumyum. One of the perks of staying in the hostel is dinner and supper. My hostel friends would bring us to places we never been before and discover the wonders of the culinary world. Snowflake is my current favourite. <3

I'm on the 11th floor out of 25 (or 26?! can't remember!). Not too high, not too low. But A LITTLE to high for me if the lift would be so kind to break down. I might just skip school if that ever happens.

Internet, well, very slow most of the time so I surf less. BUT we have this amazing thing here in the hostel network that is enough to keep me busy. I can get my drama/ anime and music fix there. You have NO IDEA how thankful I am to have that. T.T

Considering my timetable, I come back every Friday after 12pm (10am lecture UGH).

But this week? No, this week is special! I skipped my Friday lessons and came back on Wednesday night. Reason?


So I guess my mum's pretty busy too, and I wanna join in the preparation excitement and I HATE Friday lectures so I decided to skip. And I dragged Von into the water with me. But I'm sure she's thanking me for it HAHA.

Saturday night's the BBQ session and Sunday morning we have the traditional tea ceremony and the wedding dinner at night. I'm the unofficial camera woman. =D

I got my dress and shoes ready, all that's left are accessories! My dress is black and dark pink. I hope nobody will kill me for wearing black. It's NOT purely black though... so... I'll survive?

The next update would probably be after the wedding. I hope to post some pictures but know the internet connection and knowing ME. It might take a while.

Till then, toodles~

Also, it feels nice to be appreciated. Thank you for thanking me! =)