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Yasmin Ahmad has passed on.

I loved her works. Sepet, Gubra, her advertisements. Breaking racial borders. 

And she's only 51 this year.


We will always remember your work. Sepet is still my favourite Malaysian movie to date.

PS. No internet at my hostel sucks.



I'm moving to my uni's condo residence tonight.

Yes, yours truly. Over-dependent kid moving out. I'll be twin sharing with another girl, I hope we get along!

Only for 4 months anyway... =P

Can't post much now, packing up! And I won't be getting internet until atleast 2 days (I think). So I'll update soon!



I just watched some old NEWS videos on HEY x3. HILARIOUS!

A small funny thing happened today:

LOL moment of the dayCollapse )

Picture of HAZEL da Corgi puppy~

Sorry a lil blur. She's too active to sit still. D=

1 more week of holidays! HELP!


Crap I'm downnnnn

...with a runny nose! My nose joined a marathon! D=

It's been two days now! Should I quarantine myself? Lol.
But it won't stop me from going out!

Dinner tomorrow at Kepong
BBQ on Friday
and DAICON in Cyberjaya for the weekends!


Hazel and Lady met unsuccessfully. =(

GReeeeN got a world record for most chaku-uta downloads! Great job guys!

Eye on Malaysia
I never got the chance to ride on it
I never got the chance to see what you saw


Jul. 5th, 2009

1/3 of holidays gone, just like that.


Days pass with me playing Sims 3, sewing, drama-ing and shopping!

My sis and her husband bought themselves a puppy yesterday!!
If I'm not mistaken, she's a Corgi! She's really small now, smaller than Lady in fact.

And today they brought her here to our place to show us. Unfortunately, Lady wasn't very friendly and well... we couldn't bring her in. Just left her outside, separated from Lady by the door. Oh so cute!!

Lady (being jealous?! or scared... but the puppy is smaller than her...) became bushy tailed, and her fur stood up! At one point she even attacked the door... Tsk tsk tsk. Can't you be more friendly? The puppy just laid on my slipper. It seems that they have not fed her because according to Eric, she poops out every meal within 30 minutes! Aha!

Sis was hoping that the cat can familiarise herself with the dog... so she's hoping to bring her around a few more times.

I just got the pet her once. T.T
Dem cat and door!

Looking forward to see more of Hazel soon!


And one more Sem to go...

That's it, freedom!!!

For 3 weeks at least...

Anyway, been busy enjoying my hols... here's a short version of what I did this week~

Boring stuff right here!Collapse )
That's it! Long boring updates!

Conclusion also: Hannah Montana movie > Transformers!

Now I can't wait for more karaoke and movies!
Holidays are the best!



1 down

One paper done, not sure going down the drain or up in the skies, but done nonetheless.
What's done is done, that's what I always tell others. I tend not to worry about how I did, until the results are out. I'll always say...

"No use worrying, what's done is done, and that can't change your answers, so buck up and prepare for the next!"

Here I am trying to erase its traces off my brain. Brainwashing in another context. =)

I just got my mouse-hands on the latest and third GReeeeN album, Shio,Kosho. Love it. LOVE
Ever since I heard Ai Uta on Music Station's charts, I fell in love with GReeeeN. Their music is so awesome. Not that I understand the lyrics, but the melody of their songs <3 <3
Even the lyrics are actually very very meaningful. Case in point: Kiseki.
Safe to say, I listen to this song almost everyday.

We found the little happinesses in each day
In the slow path we walked
Our meeting is just one small thing
In a big world, but just the fact that we met
Is a miracle
(Kiseki by GReeeeN)

An interesting fact about them: they have never revealed their faces in public before. And they are all dentists. Who knew dentists could sing? ;)

GReeeeN also wrote a song for NEWS, weeeek. Which is also one of my faves!

I bought second album by chance when I saw the one and only copy at Rock Corner. They even gave me a discount. I bet they just can't wait to get rid of it *laughs* If I happen to see this third album in store, I'll most probably get my real hands (not mouse-hands) on it!

There'll be a post just for GReeeeN one day. It'll come!

That's it, I'm satisfied! I have not studied yet today, and not sure if I plan to...


Next paper on Thursday. Haiiiiii-yakkkk *karate kick*



It's time for finals again.

June 15 - Lending
June 18 - Investments
June 23 - Accounting Theory (Someone help me)


"Quick she's coming!! Hideeeeeeeeee!"
Another of Lady's unsuccessful attempts.
eX4m worm detected in system
playtime shutting down...
playtime crashed
/execute NERD MODE...
execution complete
installing systems...
install complete
software launching...
/launch music.player
/launch lecture.notes
/launch new.never.touched.text.book
/launch pen.tool
distraction worm detected
source tv
source laptop.internet
/launch anti-distraction system
/execute tv.shutdown
tv.shutdown complete
/execute laptop.internet shutdown
laptop.internet shutdown compl- - -


Jun. 1st, 2009

I came back from Uni today, feeling exhausted, but Von still manages to drag herself to the gym.

But that is not my point.

Today when I reached home, I wanted to nap. Alas, to no avail as I turned on my TV and tuned in to Star Movies. Something caught my attention.
It's a Boy Girl Thing.

It's a movie. In cinemas yes, but in 2006.

But that's not the point here.

I happened to catch this movie just a little after it began. Now what is it about? It's body-swapping between these two, who are neighbours and... AHA predictably hate each other. Sounds like Freaky Friday eh?

Smart girl and popular jock boy. Boy and Girl argue in front of the ancient statue at the museum and it appears to cast a spell upon them. The next morning they switch bodies. And voila! They have to live each others lives in their shoes. In the end, they began to understand each other and hate each other less and less as hate turns into LOOOOOVE. And they switched their bodies back and live happily ever after. For a slightly more detailed summary: the Wiki page would be a nice source.

But that's not the point I'm trying to make.

I realise even though this is an overly predictable, cliche, chick-flick-ish move, I actually love it! Girl's not a bimbo, she's a smart student who loves poetry and is aiming for Yale. Boy is a jock who is aiming for a football scholarship. When they switched, Girl learns to play football and Boy learns to study. This is a movie that actually made me think.


If you hate a person, but so happens you manage to put yourself in their shoes, you realise that they are not so bad after all! There's a reason why they act like a Bd or Bh. 

BUT, I also know from experience, that this is not ALWAYS the case with people. People can be a Bh just because they are.

It's movies like these that I happen to chance upon that I really like. You know, not Hollywood blockbuster, but smaller scale movies that have little publicity. Albeit predictable, these are actually gems that I really enjoy.

I like to movie surf on HBO, Cinemax or Star Movies on Astro, and this movie is exactly why I love to do so. <3

I'm watching a movie called Shortcut to Happiness as we speak. A man meets a devil and exchanges his soul for fame and fortune. Nope... it's a comedy. Lol.

I avoid thrillers like plague.

But that's not the -- *get's Bh slapped*

So the next time you see a movie that you have never heard about before, don't change the channel and give it a chance. =)

OH wait, I have assignments to do? Sigh...

A pretty random post. I know.

P.S. LJ cut won't appear. I'm sorry... T.T


Birthday Surprise!!

No, it's not my birthday... it's catherine_nutz !

It was a birthday surprise, and I never knew planning surprises would be this fun! Please include me in any surprise planning in the future peeps!

We surprised her with a movie.
We surprised her with W.Y appearing.
We surprised her with dinner at Manhattan Fish Market.
We surprised her with a slice cake (kudos tantan for the storage facility and von for her smart actions =P).

Overall, I think it was a success! It took lots of unspoken cooperation and impromptu planning. Many hilarious moments and gossip-licious fun. Furthermore she's such a BLUR kid that makes surprising her so easy. <3

I'm really glad I have this buncha friends to spend my time with, and just relax.

HAPPY 21st!!! 21st is really a special birthday to a person. It signifies adulthood. Please act more like an adult in the future!! Hahahahahaha.

There, I'm beat.