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Busy busy

Very busy studying for exams, yet I wanna update. So to accomodate both wishes, I shall update in point form. =D

- Hostel lifts (all 3!) spoilt on Sunday. Lazy to climb up 11 floors. Going back tonight as they fixed 1 lift this afternoon.

- Too many birthdays this month. HAPPY BIRTHDAY OCTOBER BABIESSSSSS

- Kuroshitsuji Chapter 38 SHHHHIIIIII---- Such a cliffhanger Yana! T.T

- Exam schedule
   30 Oct - Treasury
   4 Nov - Islamic Banking
   6 Nov - Accounting Issues
   13 Nov - IFM
    ..... GRADUATION!!!

- Speaking of graduation, Little Hippy's recital on the 3rd Nov... exam on the 4th? So what?! (Eeeeps!) I'm going anyway! Practice harderrrrrr woiiii

- Sis's house growing into a mini petting zoo. Me likey

- CF booth registered!

- and LOL thestar.com.my/news/story.asp YET AGAIN. I swear no international artistes would wanna stage thier concert here in the future. Congrats people. I'm looking at the slim chance of NEWS ever having a concert here. I can still hope for GReeeeN though right? =3

- Anime I would be watching this season after sampling a few episodes
  Kimi ni Todoke (<3 Feels like Honey and Clover yet more light hearted)
  Sacred Blacksmith (RPG-ish feeling to it, might stop watching it like I did to Valkyria Chronicles at episode 24 (WHAT? with 2 episodes left??) if it gets draggy... OH I CAN stop watching things right before they end at the most exciting part. =P)
  Letter Bee (I like the bluey feel of the anime. Plot sounds interesting)
  Nyan Koi (Cats and harem? I'll prob stop watching once the harem gets overboard. Me no likey harem)
  Darker than Black 2 (Since I watched 1, so why not?)
  Kobato (CLAMP and sweet)
  I have no idea how I'm going to keep up with so many, but I can after my exams. XD

- Finally watching Liar Game and now watching a new drama My Girl. I love J-dramas! Otomen and Meitantei no Okite subs are really slow but I can wait! Fans of J-Drama might notice that there are 2 Matsuda Shota dramas there *coughcough*

Enough point forms for today. ALOT I know...




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Oct. 25th, 2009 03:07 am (UTC)
ehem ehem...who's little hippy? hahaha...

tan tan..
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